St John The Evangelist, Killyleagh Parish

Sunday Service

Are you scarred by or completely fed up with Covid19? Jesus invites you to come to him if you are heavily laden, bring all your hassles, and rest. It seems his words were meant for today’s world. Join us as we continue worshiping online throughout July

Our service today will start at 11.30am (UK time) and can be accessed by clicking the link below

We have timed the first broadcast to commence at 11.15. There’ll be a still slide of the church and then 5 minutes of moving slides with bible verses to prepare yourself to worship.

If you are watching after the first broadcast, basically anytime after 12.30 on Sunday, there will be a still slide for 8 minutes, followed by 5 minutes pre-service material before the service proper starts. To avoid waiting, you can move forward to around 13 minutes in the production.

The notices for the service can be viewed by clicking the link below

Online Killyleagh Parish Church services available from 3rd May via a local number phone call.

Since our services went online on Mother’s Day, those without internet have been excluded from worshipping with us. Now they can, by dialing a local phone number to hear an audio of the service.

They can dial anytime after 11.30 on Sundays and 10.30 on Wednesdays. It’s not a problem if they are late.

A welcome message will be heard immediately. Then there will be around 30 seconds of silence before the service begins. So hold on!

The number to dial is: 02891 249440

Wednesday Service

Our short reflective service of Holy Communion, with prayers for those in need, will start at 10.30am (UK time) and can be accessed by clicking the link below.

The first broadcast is scheduled to commence at 10.15. If you join us early, you will see some preparation slides and bible verses for the 5 minutes before 10.30. The service will start promptly at 10.30. You can still add comments during this broadcast.
If you are watching after the first broadcast, anytime after 11.15 on Wednesday, you will be able to move forward through the pre-service preparation, if you wish. 

Church Magazine

Here is a special edition of our Church Magazine, addressing some issues arising because of COVID19, please click the link below to access it

If you wish to watch any of the previous services please visit our archived services page by clicking here

To see the latest updates on the COVID-19 (Coronarvirus) situation please see our dedicated COVID-19 page

“I know it’s been a long time coming. I am hugely optimistic about the future, which clearly will have a different feel to the past, though one thing is for sure, God remains faithful and never changes.  

Our worship of him and desire to represent Jesus here in this place must never change, except to increase.”

Hello and Welcome

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will find here all the information you need about us, where we are, our services, activities and what’s important to us.
We want to get to know you, whether you’ve lived in and around Killyleagh for a while, or are new to the area. You will be warmly welcomed, whether you are young, a bit more mature, or something in the middle. If you are on your own or are part of a large family, we’d love to meet you at any of our services and events.
If you’ve never been with us before, please make yourself known to us when you come, or maybe even contact our rector, Colin, before you come and we will arrange for you to see around and be met by someone.
We are a church for everyone – for those who have been a Christian for many years and for those who just want to learn a bit more about Jesus. We are committed to following Jesus and we try to live like him, though we don’t always get it right!
Please come and join us.



Normal Sunday Service Pattern

Every Sunday, except in July & August –

9am Holy Communion 1

1st Sunday – 11.30am Holy Communion 2

2nd Sunday – 11.30am Morning Prayer 1

3rd Sunday – 11.30am Morning Prayer 2

4th Sunday – 11.30am Family Service

5th Sunday – 11.30am Celebration of Wholeness and Healing

In the months of July & August, the main Sunday morning service will be 1 hour earlier, at 10.30am

Additionally, each Wednesday at 10.30am, except in July & August, there is a service of Holy Communion 2, with prayers for the sick and those in need. Followed by a cup of tea or coffee!

To look up Service Times, Click here