Kidz Choir

Our Organist, Mark, practices with the Kidz Choir on Sunday Mornings in the church at 10am before Sunday School. He can play a range of other instruments to support the children’s singing in addition to our magnificent Walker organ.

The Choir regularly sings in church services, either leading the congregation to learn new pieces, or singing on their own.

The Choir sings in each family service on the fourth Sunday of each month. But it also sings in other services and at special occasions, such as the 375th anniversary celebrations, Christmas Nativity, the Rector’s Institution.

The Choir welcomes new budding singers over the age of 5, who are enthusiastic and willing to be involved. For more information contact Tony Davies on 07715253199. Or contact the Rector.
To sample a recent performance of the Kidz Choir, click here

Kidz Choir Performance
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