Making Use of the Hall

The idea of rebuilding the old Parish Hall was first discussed many years ago. After many years of fund-raising, planning, dealing with legal obstacles and much more, we are almost there. We thank God for that.

Having been blessed with this wonderful new provision, it is important that we use it as much as possible. There is little point in going to the trouble and expense of building the new hall, simply to leave it unused for the vast majority of the week.

The Select Vestry would like to see the hall used in two ways:

a) By the church family (both those who worship regularly and those who are members but don’t worship regularly) – for faith and fellowship.

b) By the wider community – to meet areas of need and/or areas of interest amongst the people of Killyleagh. We would prefer not to replicate things that are already provided in other halls or community centres.

We would like your ideas for the hall use. Please would you consider three things which you would like to see the hall used for.

To Think big. Dream dreams. At this stage, with the hall still free for use, particularly during the day but on some evenings too, what we want are your ideas and a commitment that you or someone you know will be able to turn the ideas into reality.

By letting groups use the hall, the Vestry is driven by enhancing the community, not by a desire to make money for the church, although it goes without saying, that a contribution to any costs is expected.

Below is a Questionnaire document which we would like you to fill out, then either email it to the rector at or bring it to church with you.

New Hall Questionnaire