Sunday School Lessons

Over the past few weeks, our Sunday School have been doing some research into Harvest and thinking about what it means. They have also been creating their own projects. This has included Harvest-related poems, songs, crafts and prayers. You can now view some of these in this video.

Welcome to our new Sunday School gathering. Please click on the link below to join us

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Coronavirus meant a premature end to 2019/2020 sunday school year so we’re pleased to make available below the lessons from the spring and early summer terms

The lesson below is the final of the Sunday School year and will bring us up to the new year. There are five pages in this lesson corresponding to one page every week for the next five weeks, please encourage children to take part every week!

Together at Home Lessons

Unit 10: The Holy Spirit

Unit 9: Our Part in Gods Church

Family Service Lesson

This week’s Sunday school lesson is an All-Age lesson, particularly suitable for younger children, focusing on Ascension Day.

It can be accessed by clicking on this link:

Please encourage your children to watch it, as it is only 15 minutes and explains the meaning in a concise and engaging way.

Unit 8: New Life in Christ