Annual General Vestry 2024

The Annual General Vestry meeting will be held on Sunday 14th April at the conclusion of the 11am Service of Morning Prayer.

This is the Annual Business Meeting of the Church when we receive the Annual Accounts and elect  a new Select Vestry who’s roll is to manage the fabric, finance and furnishings of the Parish.

The people who make up the select vestry are:- The member of the clergy who is officiating in the parish (who is chairperson of the select vestry);

  • Two churchwardens (rector’s churchwarden and people’s churchwarden);
  • Two glebewardens (rector’s glebewarden and people’s glebewarden); and
  • Up to 12 additional parishioners who are members of the general vestry and elected to the select

Those who are enroled on the registry of vestry members, which was updated during February this year, are entitled to vote at the meeting.