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Here you can find all the archived messages about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Updated March 2021

Easter letter from the Rector / return to church worship

Please find a letter regarding worship in the church building below

Updated 30/04/20

Online Killyleagh Parish Church services available from 3rd May via a local number phone call.

Since our services went online on Mother’s Day, those without internet have been excluded from worshipping with us. Now they can, by dialing a local phone number to hear an audio of the service.

They can dial anytime after 11.30 on Sundays and 10.30 on Wednesdays. It’s not a problem if they are late.

A welcome message will be heard immediately. Then there will be around 30 seconds of silence before the service begins. So hold on!

The number to dial is: 02891 249440

Please tell this number to your friends and family without internet

Also, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has launched a free national phone line as a simple new way to bring worship and prayer into people’s homes while church buildings are closed. It has been set up particularly for those who have no internet.

Daily Hope, which is available now, offers music, prayers and reflections each day at the end of a telephone line.

The line to dial is:  0800 804 8044

Updated 27/04/20

Here is a special edition of our Church Magazine, addressing some issues arising because of COVID19

Updated 23/04/20

Bishop David calls for a Day of Prayer and Fasting on Saturday this week. Please click the link below to see the update

Updated 20/04/20

Beginning on Monday 27 April at 7.30 pm, Alpha is a series of 10 sessions exploring the basics of Christianity. Each session includes a short film and a discussion where you can share your thoughts with an online small group in a relaxed and informal setting. There’s no pressure, no follow up and no charge.

Please go to the Eventbrite link below to register and/or share it with friends and family. Anyone at all can join in.

After registration you’ll receive an email with the Zoom Meeting ID and Password.

Updated 10/04/20

To see our Good Friday Devotions please click here

Updated 02/04/20

Call to prayerful action to all on Sunday afternoon.

As part of the Palm Sunday call to prayer for Ireland between 3–4.00 pm made by church leaders from across the island, our Bishop David invites everyone with a connection to our and any church to do three things on Palm Sunday 5th April from 3.45 pm – 4.00 pm. See his message here

Applause each Thursday at 8pm?

Who’s up for Killyleagh applauding every Thursday at 8pm our wonderful NHS workers and all those key people keeping our country going? Even if the rest of the province isn’t doing it, wouldn’t it be great for Killyleagh to give a genuine thumbs up and thank you to those who have very much earned our respect and gratitude. Two enthusiastic and appreciative ladies from Inishmore have requested that we start a push for this idea – so share it with everyone, please

Updated 31/03/20

The Bible Course – Introductory session

With permission from Bible Society Northern Ireland, whose mission is to make the Bible as widely available in an accessible manner to as many as possible so they can experience God’s purpose for their lives, we now make available to you the first session of the brilliant ‘Bible Course’.

We started this course here in Killyleagh at the start of Lent, with a room full of enthusiastic people wanting to learn more about the overarching story of the Bible. The course was warmly received and gives a clear and concise overview of the Bible, in language which all can follow. Sadly we had to suspend after Session 2, but will pick it up again some time.

Most people hear the message to read their bibles more often and understand they should. Because in the Bible, we gain strength and guidance from God, learn of the purpose to our lives and get to know God, by getting to know Jesus. But so many admit to not reading it diligently.

We have no excuse not to use the extra time on our hands now by turning to our Bibles more often. This introductory session to the Bible Course is an excellent start to re-engaging with your Bible. If you don’t have a Bible at home, is an excellent resource. Or you can get the YouVersion app on your phone.

Updated 30/03/20

Are you struggling with our current situation?

You may feel isolated, anxious, have a sense of loss, or be having relationship difficulties. If you are and would like to receive some counselling via telephone or some other distant method, contact the Rector.

A qualified and experienced Counsellor has offered her time free of charge during the current emergency situation to anyone who may benefit from her help. A huge thank you to her for this generous and genuinely supportive offer.

Updated 20/03/20

Come to church this Sunday and every Sunday at 11.30 – online

As we are not able to hold Sunday or mid-week services for the foreseeable future, I plan to broadcast a Sunday Morning Service each week at 11.30 which you will be able to access via a link from our website, or our facebook page.

I would love you all to join in at 11.30 so we get a sense of continuing to worship together as a church family. Maybe the singing will be even better at home where no-one can feel embarrassed!

If 11.30 doesn’t suit, or indeed if you’re a few minutes late, you won’t miss anything, as the service will be available all week. Please do make use of this facility. Please also help those who don’t have the right sort of device, can’t use it too well, or indeed may not know about the service, to attend too.

Sadly, it is those who are most likely feeling cut off from the church family, who are being encouraged to remain home, often alone, it is they who are possibly least tech savvy and least able to avail of our online service and other communications and notices. So please please please, try to help anyone you know in this category.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and we will have a special Mother’s Day Service. Encourage children to watch too.

During the week, I hopefully will be able to make available a short service of Holy Communion, which you can all join and share the bread and wine spiritually. Look out for more details online. All being well this service will be at 10.30am each Wednesday, but will also be available for the whole of the following 7 days.

I plan to pray in this service for a number of people by name. Just their name. People who are in difficulty, or need, or sick, or simply in need of God’s blessing. This is an opportunity for anyone to have a name added to the list for prayer for one week or more. Just drop me an email with the name to or phone me.

Lastly, for now, with the most important time in the church year just around the corner, Holy Week and Easter, I’m trying to come up with some form of worship which follows all the church and government guidance. Any ideas you may have can I ask you to share with me please – nothing is too whacky – they may just work.

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe


Updated 18/03/20

A message from the Rector about Church Worship and Activities

The Church of Ireland has issued guidance up to this point in line with the government health advice. Bishop David has also pointed all of us to look to God to gain our wisdom and courage from Him.

In the light of current government requests and further advice from our Bishops, with effect from midday, 18 March, I regret to advise that:

1. No Sunday services or mid-week services will take place in the normal way in Killyleagh Parish Church.

2. All other Sunday and mid-week activities will be suspended.

3. Funerals and weddings – it is likely that the government will guide churches to greatly reduce the numbers attending, possibly even restricting these to close family members and close friends. Understandably, such a situation would be extremely difficult, if not upsetting, for everyone. There will however be the opportunity of a memorial service, or a dedication service for marriages, at a later date after the worst of the crisis is behind us. I will be as flexible as the guidelines and Church of Ireland practice allows.

What next

· Worship: I’m considering how we might make church services available each week to our parishioners from Killyleagh Parish. More information will follow shortly, but in order to avail of this, a laptop, I-pad, smart tv or smart mobile phone will be required. And of course the knowledge to access it. Please help those likely to be most isolated to remain connected with the church family, by showing them how to avail of what we put in place. In the meantime, can I ask anyone who is tech savvy and who can help with recording / streaming services each week to contact me.

· Basic needs: the Killyleagh Community Association is leading an initiative to put in place strategies to support people with practical help. We will be part of this too.

· Pastoral needs: I’d like to put in place something that will allow us as a church family to do what we can for each other and those around us. More on this will follow. Even though actual visits may be curtailed, I don’t want people not to contact me if a pastoral situation arises.

· Spiritual needs: please raise any concerns directly with me.

· Prayer: it is vital we pray more than ever. Some prayer suggestions will be made available via facebook and the website

As Bishop David said in his recent letter, ‘So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love’. 1 Corinthians 13 v 13. God is love and anything is possible. Together with Jesus, the Great Healer and Prince of Peace, we can get through this.

Updated 17/03/20

Important message from the Rector

At our St Patrick’s Day service in Downpatrick, our Bishop has asked that we all keep praying in these difficult times. Bishop David has specifically asked that we pray for our land from now until Pentecost in a meaningful season of prayer, which will culminate in 10 days of prayer events, hopefully around the diocese, between Ascension on 21st May and Pentecost.

He has guided us all to pray each day the wonderful prayer below from our Book of Common Prayer (page 145).

‘Almighty and merciful God, who in days of old didst give to this land the benediction of thy holy Church. Withdraw not, we pray thee, thy favour from us, but so correct what is amiss, and supply what is lacking, that we may more and more bring forth fruit to thy glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord.’

As your Rector, I want to assure you of God’s love and protection in these times. We may be surprised at what is happening, but in the words of Bishop Andrew Foster, God isn’t surprised. He is sovereign. Never in recent times have we more needed to trust in God. He is faithful and knows. He has the whole world in his hands. ‘Cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you’ (Psalm 55 verse 24).

Let us do all we can to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. ‘God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble’ (Psalm 46 verse 1).

Within the next 48 hours, I will be using the church facebook page to make announcements about the future of many of our upcoming church gatherings and events. What I will be passing on to you deeply saddens me, and even a few days ago would have been beyond our imagination, but it is imperative that we do our part. Can I ask you please to pass these messages on accurately and completely to as many people as possible, but especially those who do not have access to facebook.

With every blessing to you