It's a time of great joy when we can welcome a new member through baptism into the Christian family at the Parish.

Candidates for Baptism can be any age. Where the candidate is an infant, the service is administered on the understanding that parents and god-parents will make certain promises about bringing up the child as a Christian.

Therefore, parents and children should regularly worship in church. Also there should be a commitment at the very least to bring the child to Sunday School.

In the Baptism Service, parents and god-parents will also make certain declarations about their faith and beliefs. Therefore, it is important that both parents and god-parents should be believers in Jesus.

If there is no intention to regularly worship within the church family and encourage the child to be a member of the church, or if parents and god-parents are not willing either to fulfil the baptism promises or make the declarations, then a Service of Thanksgiving may be appropriate as an alternative.

Parishioners, former parishioners and those with close family worshipping in Killyleagh Parish may apply to have their child baptised. Other situations may also be considered.

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