Using Easy Fund Raising

For example to buy something from JD Sports

Go to and sign in using your account details.

In the search box begin to type jd sportsJD Sports will be listed below

Click the listed entry for JD Sports – you will be taken to JD Sports donation info – as can be seen in this case a donation of 7.5% is offered for purchases from the JD Sports website eg spending £100 raises £7.50 for our church cause

Click the Shop now button – you will be taken to the JD Sports website

Just continue to shop as normal – Easyfundraising has recorded your visit to the JD Sports website and will donation 7.5% of your total purchase to our church cause.

Although most of the large online retailers will be listed by Easyfundraising, some are not – in that case just go the retailer website directly.

As you use Easyfundraising more it remembers your favourite retailers meaning you can just click on the retailer logo link to be directed to the retailer website.

Easyfundraising is quick and easy and if more people sign up to support our church cause then more money can be quickly raised for our future church expenditure.